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for Web3 Creators

Build meaningful relationship with content, discussions, events under your own brand with web3 integrations

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Create your
community pages

Give your audience a destination to
interact with each other, engage in discussion with rich text and media on UUKI community platform.

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Engage audience with events and discussions

Create beautiful event pages, invite
audience, collect payment, interact
and send them updates on your community platform.

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Monetise your Community

Sell premium content for one-time payment or easily setup subscription with UUKI. Great for courses, NFTs, coaching and more on your community platform.

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Easily set up a community platform for any
You can make uuki work for your project. uuki is flexible, white-labeled, and supports different use-cases
Education communities
Add a community to your course hosted on a LMS or any course platform to help your students learn from each other and have a direct interaction with you.
NFT Communities
Provide a dedicated home for your NFT audience, dapps or for your token holders to give them access to resources, let them connect with each other, and provide them ability to interact directly with you.
Product communities
Give your customers the space to share ideas , manage support and take feedback to help improve your product.
Premium communities
UUKI offers the ability to host paid/premium community with an ability to charge for digital goods.
Startup communities
Build an engaged community for any brand, saas or any consumer product to create value for your users. Easily set-up UUKI on your website within a couple of hours.
Influencer communities
Already have a following, move your community to UUKI to have direct relationship with your audience with our white labelled solution.

Customer love

Our customer love our simple yet powerful community platform

“Excellant Community Platform for WEB3”
Gerold F
"UUKI gives NFT powers to everyone"
Daniel A
"Excellant web3 community platform with web3 features to build a community yourself, nft enabled login, create your own cryptocurrency"
Gerold F
UUKI - White-label community platform for creators | Product Hunt