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UUKI is a is an all-in-one alternative to with a beautiful interface, unlimited members, personal support, and monetisation tools Alternative - UUKI
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A white label platform as an alternative to circle community

A platform to manage your own community like with brand, theme and custom domain that powers hundreds of different types of communities.

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How to compress a video


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Engage in discussions, share ideas and take feedback.

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Host discussion, post content, host events and
polls to manage an engaging community with
real connections.

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Create an engaging community | alternative
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Circle Professional


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No(Available in Pro Plan)
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The best (Circle) alternative that you’ve been looking for to host a community

Never wait to get your questions answered. If you have a question or an issue, you can always reach us on live chat or email regardless of your plan.

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Frequently asked questions.
Is circle really free? alternative - UUKI FAQ does not have a free plan but offers a free trial plan for 14 days. However, when that period expires, you have to pay to use this community platform according to plan selected. The Basic plan, costs $39 a month, Professional plan cost $79 a month, Enterprise plan cost $399 a month.

Is there a circle so app? faq

You can download the link by going to the link The app can be found by searching for "Circle Communities" on the Apple App Store. The app is free and available to download.

Can you go live in circle so?

User can go live video within Circle with the click of a button. Live streams allow you to interact with up to 10 co-hosts and 500 participants on both the web and our iOS app.

How to circle login?

1) Go to
2) Sign in to or Log in to your Circle account with email, Twitter or Facebook
3) Go to to Signup to create a new account or reset your password with your registered email id by going to

How to integrate with Teachable?

To set up the integration with Teachable, follow the steps:
1) From your Teachable school, navigate to the Settings > Integrations page and click the Circle SSO icon
2) In a new tab or window, login to your account.
3) Navigate to the Settings > Single Sign-On menu from your account. Turn on/Switch on the Enable SSO toggle
4) In the OAuth Provider section, select Teachable from the drop-down menu
5) Copy the Callback URL from your account and paste it in the Circle Callback URL field on the Teachable Circle SSO popup
6) Enter “Teachable” in the Provider Name field on Circle
7) From your Teachable Circle SSO popup, copy the Client ID by clicking copy text. Paste it in the Client ID field on
8) Copy the Secret Key from Teachable and paste it in the Secret Key field on
9) Copy the Teachable School URL field from Teachable and paste it in the Teachable URL field on
10) Click the Save changes button in
11) Click the Close button on the Circle popup modal in Teachable

Does Circle so(Circle) have a lifetime deal? doesn't a lifetime deal but you can try UUKI community platform which is an alternative to circle and is running a UUKI lifetime deal.