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Sunny Kumar

Moonfruit is a website builder that helps you to create a responsive website within a matter of minutes. It provides you with all the basic features required to build a simple website. It’s easy to use with a drag-and-drop format, and it gives you various design options to make your website stand out. You can easily integrate analytic tools such as Google Analytics. It provides a group of images, slideshows, and various animations to create a professional website with an aesthetic feel. All moonfruit-created websites are fully HTML5, so they are search engine friendly and an automatic sitemap is also automatically generated to ensure your pages are properly indexed. 

This London-based company, founded by Wendy Tan White, Joe White, and Eirik Pettersen, is the most popular hosted site builder in the UK. So if you’re making a basic website and you want to play around with some design features but don’t have much knowledge, Moonfruit is a great option. It provides a variety of packages to suit users including free, standard and business premium subscriptions.

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