Slack Huddles

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Sunny Kumar
Slack Huddles

Slack Huddles are lightweight audio calls that let you and members of your team talk to each other in real time. It is a similar concept to Twitter Spaces. It is a feature that lets you have audio conversations with the people in your workspace and other invited users. It’s pretty much just an audio-only chat room. There is no option to show yourself with a webcam, but on the desktop, you can share your screen. Huddles are meant for quick, casual discussions. When a huddle is open, any member of the channel or DM can come and go as they please. A Huddle can be started in any Slack channel, including direct messaging if you want to Huddle with one other person. Huddles can have up to 50 participants. You can use Huddles on Slack for desktop, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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