10 Best AI Image Generators in 2023

This article highlights the top 10 AI image generators in 2023 that can generate realistic images and digital art using only text input.

Sunny Kumar
Artificial Intelligence

10 Best AI image Generators in2023

In the present-day landscape, anyone can become an artist without even picking up a brush.

Thanks to the recent advancements in AI art generation, it is now feasible to create images from scratch using only text input, without needing any prior artistic skills or experience. This mighty feature has garnered the attention of tech enthusiasts globally, resulting in the availability of numerous products capable of performing image-generation tasks.

However, with the plethora of options available in the market, it can be difficult for you to choose the one which is perfect for you.

Well, as always, we are here to clear up your confusion. In this article, we will acquaint you with the ten best A.I. art generators of 2023.

Best AI art generators in 2023


1- DALL-E 2

The first AI art generator on our list is DALL-E 2. It is an AI image generation model developed by OpenAI, the same company that created GPT-3. It can produce remarkably realistic images and any kind of digital art in a matter of minutes.

According to OpenAI, the tool can be used to create illustrations, design products, and generate new ideas for business.

Its simple interface makes it viable for anyone to create excellent images with AI. To generate images with DALL-E 2, simply input your desired prompt and provide as much detail as necessary to achieve your desired result. DALL-E 2 will then produce four images based on your input. The best part is when you sign up, you get 50 free credits and another 15 for free every month.

One of the primary features offered by DALL-E 2 is its paintbrush, which enables users to add details to their images such as shadows, highlights, colors, and more.

Key Features:

Simple interface.

Generates four images per credit.

Photorealistic results.

Editing and retouching capabilities.

Customize multiple layers of image

Free trial.

2- Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI art generator that's used through a Discord server to generate images. It has gained popularity as an AI text-to-image generator due to its exceptional image quality and distinct artistic style.

To generate an image with MidJourney, you have to join one of the rooms that begin with “newbies.” Then, you need to send a message that starts with /imagine followed by your input, and the program utilizes your information to create an image. 

You will receive four variations of your prompt, which you can download, upscale, re-edit, and more. MidJourney is one of the top AI art generators available

Its images are of such high quality that they resemble real-life photographs. This AI art tool has even emerged victorious in competitions against human artists. One enjoyable aspect of using Midjourney's platform is the ability to view the inputs and outputs of other users in the Discord chat.

Key Features:

Quick to produce AI-generated image

The quality of the generated image is high.

The demo version is user-friendly, requiring only brief text input.

Understands complicated prompts


3- Dream by WOMBO

WOMBO Dream is an AI NFT creator app developed by the Canadian artificial intelligence startup WOMBO. Many consider it to be the best all-around AI image generator for creating images from text.

Wombo Dream utilizes an advanced algorithm to produce cartoon-like or simulated paintings by employing pre-existing images and the text input you provide. This tool enables you to design a setting in various imaginative environments or art forms.

It stands out from other AI image generators by providing unrestricted and cost-free image creation with no limitations on its capabilities.

Key Features:

Generate images that better match the vision.

Unlimited image generations for free.

NFTs can be easily created.

Various art styles

Mobile app


4- Fotor:

Another excellent AI art generator on our list is Fotor, which is used by millions of people all over the world. It is a powerful and user-friendly AI tool, like other generators. It requires detailed prompts from users, and you can use it to create realistic face images, 3D and anime characters, paintings, and digital art of any type.

It is a great option for both beginners and advanced users since it is completely free to use and has no limit on image prompt size. Once you are finished, the service enables you to download the output quickly in full resolution. Give it a try and discover why millions of people around the world use Fotor for their AI art requirements.

Key Features:

Image-to-image conversion model is also available.

Users can create multiple images simultaneously.

The generated images are stunning and resemble real-life objects.

There is no restriction on the size of the image prompt.


5- Photosonic

Photosonic is a web-based tool that utilizes state-of-the-art text-to-image AI technology to generate realistic and artistic images from any text description. It is a free tool, powered by Writesonic. With this, users can control the AI-generated images' quality, diversity, and style by adjusting the input description and re-running the model.

There are two methods for creating an AI image using Photosonic: entering a prompt to generate an image, or using an existing image to transform it into unique digital art. Despite its relative obscurity, Photosonic's AI text-to-image generator performs admirably in translating complex, lengthy prompts into vivid imagery. The AI utilizes latent diffusion to transform a noisy image into one that matches the prompt description.

Key Features:

Easy and fast to use.

10 free image generations.

HD quality image download.

Watermark-free Images.


6 – Pixray

Pixray is a highly adaptable text-to-image converter that can function as an API, a browser-based website, or a PC application. Despite its sleek and user-friendly interface, Its customizable AI engine makes it ideal for tech-savvy users. With this, you can transform your picture into various styles, convert it to a video, and creatively edit it using the available tools.

Compared to other AIs, it takes longer for Pixray to generate an image, with a single image taking around 4 minutes. However, its website interface allows you to input a prompt and monitor progress in real-time. Once the art creation is complete, you can use a slider to see the process the AI took to generate the final output. While Pixray usually produces great results, it's not perfect - sometimes the AI can get confused and generate flawed images.

Key Features:


Filter Images.

Flexible integrations.

7- Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is currently one of the most popular text-to-art AI generators available. It is an open-source tool that uses text prompts to create images in just a matter of seconds.

It is a latent text-to-image diffusion model capable of generating photo-realistic images given any text input. It cultivates autonomous freedom to produce incredible imagery and empowers billions of people to create stunning art within seconds.

The resulting images will be precise and comprehensive, aligned with the prompt provided.

Key Features:

High-quality images in seconds

Don’t need to give any personal information to use

Renders images from prompts very quickly

Accurate outputs that reflect prompts


Another well-known name among AI art generators is Artbreeder. It is a tool that allows you to create art by mixing and editing images. With Artbreeder, you can generate new, unique, and completely authentic images by using existing photos in your gallery.

With this, you can produce different types of artwork such as landscapes, anime characters, portraits, and more. The platform offers additional features, including the ability to alter facial attributes such as skin tone, hair, and eyes.

In addition, it offers thousands of illustrations and allows you to manage them in folders. The results can then be downloaded in JPG or PNG format.


Key Features:

Image quality enhancer

Produce different variations of an image

Landscapes, anime figures, portraits

Create folders and share the pictures.

Images can be saved in JPG or PNG format.

9- NightCafe

NightCafe is among the most popular AI text-to-image generators currently available in the market. It has gained immense popularity as an AI art generator due to its powerful image-generation capabilities and its user-friendly interface.

What sets it apart from other similar platforms is its extensive range of algorithms and options. Additionally, NightCafe offers a unique experience that is unparalleled.

To get started, all you need to do is visit their website and enter a text prompt based on your imagination. Then, you need to wait for a maximum of 30 seconds, and you will have a piece of art in front of you.

It operates on a credit system, where the number of credits you possess determines the number of digital art pieces you can produce. Acquiring credits is achievable through community participation or purchasing them outright. The more credits you accumulate, the more you can unleash your creativity and generate stunning visuals.

Key Features:

Different style options.

It has more algorithms than other generators.

One can earn credits by participating in the community.

Credit-earning system.

Helpful community and social features.

10- Jasper Art

Jasper Art is the upcoming platform on our list that utilizes advanced AI image generation techniques to produce unique digital art pieces that mirror your imaginative concepts.

With this AI image generator, you can generate pictures and artwork in just a few seconds. As an AI-based art generator, the outcomes can be unpredictable, so you may have to be innovative with your prompt phrasing to create anything coherent.

What's remarkable about Jasper Art is that all the images you create are watermark-free. Although the tool is currently in the beta stage, they are continuously refining its functionalities to enhance the user experience.

The AI art generator gives you two choices to work with. You can either start from scratch by using the Free Form option, or you can go with Jasper's pre-made templates that refine the images for you. It's up to you to decide which approach works best for your artistic vision.

Key Features:

Templates that you can use to generate art

Quick image output

Realistic AI art generation     

Support is available on chat when you need any help

Supports multiple languages

No watermark on images

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