September 5, 2022

Creative Membership Level Names [How to name your memberships with examples]

An overview on how to choose a creative membership level names.

Rishika Shidling

Creative Membership Level Names [How to name your memberships with examples]

Are you struggling to come up with creative membership level names for your membership community? If you want to guide your customer through the journey of experiencing your brand, your membership level names can give you a hand. 

Don’t worry, we are here to help you find the best membership level names for your community!  


  1. What are membership level names?
  2. Types of membership site levels
  3. How to create your membership level names?
  4. Examples of creative membership level names
  5. Conclusion 

What are membership level names?

Membership levels, in simple terms, dictate what a consumer receives from your company. When people sign up for recurring payments for your product. 

In other words, a membership or subscription level is a tool we use to define what kind of access to the content our members will have. 

These days, all industries have a subscription-based business, be it wellness, food, or entertainment. 

Types of membership site levels

A membership website is an online community that features gated, exclusive content that only members can access and use. 

  • Price/Payment Term membership level

Your pricing structure defines your pricing setup for products or services, including your core price points plus discounts, offers, and strategy. You can use this level naming structure when all membership levels offer the same package of features but vary based on price or term. 

The objective is to charge a rate that aligns with the pricing strategy of your business while balancing profits with what the market. 

Here are some level name ideas based on the price/term

  • Daily                      Annual                     Half-yearly 
  • Weekly                 Per Annum              Perennial 
  • Monthly               Bi-weekly                Lifetime 
  • Quarterly             Bi-monthly             Forever 
  • Yearly                  Semi-Annual           Eternal 

  • Tiered/Hierarchical Structured Levels

In tiered/ Hierarchical structured levels if customers pay more, they get more content and benefits. Many membership sites use tiered membership levels. 

Here are some level name ideas based on the price/term

First Tier                 Second Tier                 Third Tier

Bronze                      Silver                           Gold

Basic                       Intermediate          Advanced

Starter                      Pro                           Premium

Beginner                      Enhanced                     Ultimate 

  • User or Member-type Levels

User or member-type level membership is used when the content you are offering is for a large audience. 

Following are some name ideas based on member-type levels

Individual                     senior                            teacher 

Student                        corporation                  non-profit

Parent                          volunteer                       military 


  • Interest-Based Membership Levels

This membership is used when your approach is useful if you offer different plans that are each focused on a specific topic/interest. 

Following are some name ideas based on interest-based membership level 

  • Online only
  • Print only
  • Online and print
  • Email newsletter


  • Content Delivery/Subscription Type Levels

Content delivery/subscription type levels mean that the content is the same but offered in different methods based on level selection.

How to create your membership level names?

  1. Create a Clear Hierarchy (for Tiered Membership Levels) 

The structure of your membership club depends on the kind of club you’re running and the services you offer. For memberships that provide content, music, entertainment, and similar services, the tiered structure always works. You can observe which membership tiers are more popular among new members and which plans retain members. 

  1. Create names similar to your products

If you want your membership site to be successful, your membership tier names are important. The best way to come up with a creative naming structure for your membership levels is to tie it into the topic of your membership site.

For example, if you have a membership teaching people how to play a musical instrument then some great tiers might be:

  • Musician in the Making
  • Concert Ready
  • Virtuoso
  1. Reflect on your customer journey

Understanding your customer’s dreams and desires is a powerful emotional motivator to consider when naming your membership levels. 

You can easily make your VIP tiers increasingly more valuable by choosing names that reflect how the perception of your brand will change as customers rise through the ranks. 

Examples of creative membership level names 

  1. The Wrap Life

The Wrap Life headwraps and headbands are manufactured in Brooklyn, while Nnenna handpicks and imports their rich textiles from Ghana, India, Morocco, and China. The Wrap Life believes in curating a safe space for self-expression. Their collection offers inspired prints that feel like you. 

  1. Topps’ Topps Now

The  Topps’ Topps Now Archive is a catalog of every card since the program's inception in 2016. The print run of every card sold is added to the Archive, so you can check daily to see exactly how many of each card is printed.

If you buy an auto Topps Now card commemorating an utterly unique occasion, you can make a strong return on investment. Whether these cards tickle your fancy or not, Topps Now has proven to have a strong following. It is one of several alternatives to traditional collecting and adds another weapon to your arsenal. 

  1. Disney Annual Passport Membership

Capture every magical moment with unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads for just $99 plus tax for the year. With Disney PhotoPass Service, you can get everyone in the picture, with photo opportunities at select attractions and iconic park locations across Walt Disney World Resort. 

The Disney Incredi-Pass costs $1,383.44 (includes tax) for adults and children. You can purchase all the Walt Disney World annual passes at Guest Services or online at Walt Disney World's website.

Wrapping up! 

Often overlooked in the discussion of how to grow members, membership names are one of the most important components of developing an effective membership strategy. 

Membership level names and titles are often the first things your visitors will see regarding memberships. 

So, make sure, you are choosing the right membership names for your website! 😊

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