April 20, 2024

How to grow a Discord community

A step by step guide on how to grow a Discord Community

Rishika Shidling

How to grow a Discord community

Growing a community on discord is easy, but how you grow your community and drive more people towards your content is a topic to discuss.

Discord enables you to create multiple groups within your community server. You can easily create or join your instance of Discord, or a "server," which is basically a group of chats in which you can invite users to join.

In this blog let’s find out some steps you need to follow to grow your discord community

  1. Organise your server 

Once you start a discord server, you need to organize the content you post systematically. Find out your interest and make a server about a specific topic. It could be a study-together server or a server where you talk about the crypto market. 

Keep the name of your channel short and understandable, as you don’t want to confuse your users. Also, avoid duplicating channel topics. Make sure that there are not too many channels in one category. If there are it might mean some channels are redundant and could be deleted. 


  1. Amplify your messages and make it easy to navigate

It’s important you drive the right people into your community. Create connections with admins like you and organize ways to grow together!

Also, if you want your server to be visible to a larger audience, you can list them out on public servers like


What’s most important about growing your Discord community is the value that you bring to each of the members there. If you give them great value in the form of exclusive offers, insider information, giveaways, etc., your community will grow healthily and stay engaged. The more value you give, the more your community will give back. 

  1. Host regular events and keep your community up to date


Having a discord server could be easy, but to stand out, you need to keep your members engaged and up-to-date! 

The better engaged they are, the longer you'll be able to retain them, and the more loyal they will be to you. You can use survey tools to collect feedback on the server.

Hosting quizzes on Discord communities is a fun way to engage with your community. The quizzes can be themed or pertained to a particular topic. If your Discord community has a niche for gaming NFTs and coins, conducting a gaming tournament can be an absolute delight for your community members.

Tournaments can be conducted once a month or once every few weeks in a series. Make sure to create hype not only on discord but also on other social media platforms promoting the series finale or the grand finale of the tournament, attracting other gamers to join your community for the next tournaments.

  1. Develop partnerships

Designed for active and engaged communities, the Partner Programme distinguishes the best servers out there. As role models to all of the Discord, partnered servers are communities that both our new and veteran users can use as inspiration to create their own communities.

You should be particular about whom you partner with and what servers will bring your community the most value. 


  1. Add useful bots

Bots are helpful artificial intelligence that can perform several useful tasks on your server automatically. This could be moderation, games, music, and several other things. Bots use Discord's public "API" to do actions like send messages, modify roles, etc. 

Discord bots make it easier to create an engaged community. You can use them to welcome new members to the server, moderate communications between members, and ban people who refuse to obey the rules. 

  1. Be consistent and regular with your content 

Content consistency establishes your credibility, builds trust, and strengthens your reputation. Make sure, you are consistent with posting on your discord server. 



The best Discord servers curate an experience for their members. depending on what your brand entails, set up channels that appeal to your unique audience serve their purpose, and focus on one topic. A Discord server gives brands a unique opportunity to offer exclusive benefits to their consumers. 

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