September 27, 2022

What is an online course in 2022

An online course platform provides with the software to create and host an online course. The best platforms give you a wide range of options for course delivery alike quizzes and polls, the ability to add communities as well as live streaming, and ways to market ones course.

Jigisha Sharma

What is an online course in 2022

Even traditional educational institutions alike universities and colleges were forced to shift their courses online. Online learning was however already popular, and now just about everyone had gotten used to it. learning things online became a part of most of our future, whether looking for a degree, to upscale, or to master something important to one.

An online course platform provides with the software to create and host an online course. The best platforms give you a wide range of options for course delivery alike quizzes and polls, the ability to add communities as well as live streaming, and ways to market one's course.

Importance of an online course platform

During the early days of online courses, one had to learn code or hire a developer to create something that looked a bit like an online course. Plus, you'd have to have a developer add any custom branding you wanted. It was pretty expensive, time-consuming, and also the end result still didn't look great.

The modern course platform sets the creator free to build almost anything one wants. These don't require coding; the course creator can show up and start building almost anything. And so many course platforms allow you to add your own custom branding and give you the tools to sell your course to your members.

As online course platforms are becoming more and more common, two general business models have seem to emerged: hosted as well as marketplace solutions. Both of these models are for selling online courses that have advantages and disadvantages, depending upon what the creator wants, but they also both have potential to create recurring business income by packaging one’s expertise.

What to look for in an online course platform

A comprehensive business model

While it seems like a lot if you’re just starting out, there however may come a day when you want to be able to offer bundles of courses and communities or packages of paid mastermind groups fuelled by free courses. You might want the opportunity to experiment with differing combinations or a white label course platform that makes this possible.

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A community

The conversations between members encourages learning and growth much more than your videos or course content. It’s pretty simple.

Working payment gateway 

You need to be able to charge for your course as well as securely collect payments from your customers

Course delivery

The best online learning today is immersive yet organised multimedia delivery.


A good platform should provide a way to access your online course and course community on a mobile. 

Marketing options

A great platform gives you a way to smoothly integrate the marketing and delivery of your course. 

The best online course platforms for 2022

1. Mighty Networks

The course platform itself is indeed engaging and interactive, with an easy-to-create lesson format that can be styled to fit your brand. Mighty Networks is an all-in-one course platform that gives one all the flexibility and options you need to build an online course.

2. Udemy

You can use Udemy for free and simply ways to create an online course with the knowledge you want to share. Its best for trying out course creation, and learning the process. Making as well as selling a course without having to build a multi-channel platform.

3. Skillshare

It’s best for those who are just starting out and who have a creative topic. One can create courses that feature videos taught in short 10-25-minute segments and culminate with a class project. It’s a simple way to turn your passion into some extra cash on the side.


You can make use of online course platform to create and grow your income. The demand for online learning is not only growing, especially from creators whose unique brands and expertise are attracting people like never before. 


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