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Sunny Kumar
Circles for zoom

Circles is a new way to experience Zoom meetings that turns each participant into a circle on your screen to get Zoom out of your way so you can take notes, multi-task, and get your desktop back. If you conduct larger meetups and webinars, Zoom will serve you better.You can choose how big or small you want your people to be as well which is nice. If you are in a larger meeting, when you click a link it will ask you to open in Circles or Zoom.  Circles is a creative little program that integrates into Zoom and does a decent job of hiding the ugly Zoom window that comes with the platform. Circles merges these two and forces Zoom to get out of the way so you can get to work. People in your meeting are literally in circles around the outside of your screen and your document is in the middle allowing you to see both your people and your project. 

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