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Sunny Kumar

Teamflow is a virtual workplace for your team. It helps remote teams work together more effectively by providing a central hub for all of your team's communication and collaboration. With this all-in-one service, remote teams can come together to brainstorm, collaborate,and meet, just as they would in a regular office. You can use the space for impromptu get-togethers or scheduled meetings, and take advantage of features like multiple screen shares, whiteboards, and post-it notes. Organic,frictionless communication lets you talk with your team without needing long chat threads or scheduled calls. In Teamflow, you see your video in a bubble ona virtual office floor plan. You can screen share, conjure up a whiteboard,take notes on a shared scratchpad, or embed a web application — like Google Docs or Slides — directly into Teamflow, making real-time, spontaneous collaboration easy.

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