September 27, 2022

Community App [The Text Messaging App for Creators and Influencers]

Community apps are communication tools that are built to allow you to create your community and interact with the community members just like social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. 

Rishika Shidling

Community App [The Text Messaging App for Creators and Influencers]

Social media is the new hype. It has helped many businesses grow and has helped people find a better way to connect and communicate with one another. 

Implementing a social media strategy will greatly increase your brand recognition since you will be engaging with a broad audience of consumers.  

When Twitter and Instagram became popular, messaging your friends and even celebrities became easier. 

From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Snapchat or TikTok to Pinterest everyone uses social media platforms to connect with friends, share their thoughts, find inspiration, and stay updated with current events.


1. What are community apps?

2. Why are community apps trending?

3. Should you use community apps?

4. Conclusion

What are community apps?

Community apps are communication tools that are built to allow you to create your community and interact with the community members just like social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. 

Anyone who wishes to be a part of your community can join in your community. Community apps are super safe and secure to use. If at any point someone feels unsafe within the community or receives an inappropriate message from another member of the community, this can be solved just by sending a ‘stop’ message in the chat.

Community apps are a great platform for businesses to kick-start their businesses. Brands develop community applications because it is a proven way to build loyalty, engage with more potential customers, promote products, and run marketing campaigns. 

The success of building an online community depends on the performance of your platform, user experience, and the quality of content that your audience consume. 

A community app gathers all your audience in a single, interactive platform that you alone control. Its a great way to improve customer loyalty and skyrocket your engagement rates. 

An online community allows companies to increase their range of products and services based on customer’s needs and quickly identify changes in consumer behavior, leading to adjustments in products and offers to create value for customers and better products. 

Creating a hub of expertise around a brand that users rely on will improve product adoption and customer satisfaction. 


Why are community apps trending?

There are a lot of reasons why community apps could be trending these days. 

1. Community apps are safer than social media sites when it comes to privacy. They do not share your private information with others on the community. 

2. When your community is strong and successful, community apps can let you monetize your community and make a good revenue from it. 

There are multiple ways to increase monetization from a successful community including brand partnerships, native ads, banner ads,in-video ads, tipping and even subscription. 


  1. With a community app, you give your members the chance to interact with your brand and others on the platform. Communication can help people get to know your brand a little better. 

Apart from understanding the brand and it’s products, community apps can build understanding among people. You are free to share your knowledge with others on the community and even learn from them. 

4. Community apps are zero distraction, unlike social media, community apps do not let you share pictures, songs or go live. 

Should you use community apps?

Community apps enable user to user communication. Being able to chat with each other within an app keeps the community motivated and engaged. 

Online community apps naturally add value for your members. An app makes the community accessible at all times, easing natural conversations between members and allowing them to engage with posts anytime and anywhere. 

Compared to a mobile-optimized version of your community, apps offer better functionality, performance, and improved user experience.


The community app is unbeatable in terms of the experience it delivers and the returns you can expect.

Building an online community helps improve engagement, customer relations and retention. 

Customer loyalty describes an ongoing emotional relationship between you and your customer. The most powerful sales increases come from communities where customer retention is the goal and helping existing customers to succeed better is the focus. 

It’s your community and this is the place where you and your members get to tell people how they are expected to treat one another. Because online communication excludes the physical and facial cues of in-person conversation, it’s important to state expectations right upfront.

Depending on your industry, topic, or membership, be sure to spell out the rules that will keep confidential information confidential and implement policies to maintain the privacy and anonymity of community members if necessary.


Know what is good or bad for your online community. It’s important for you to make your community members feel heard and appreciated for sharing their thoughts. 

Start your online community today! 

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